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Expert Lawn and Garden Maintenance in Cape Cod

At Green Lovers Landscaping, we specialize in keeping your lawn lush and your gardens gorgeous all year round. Discover our comprehensive lawn and garden maintenance services tailored for Cape Cod homes.


Tailored Lawn Care Services

Regular Lawn Maintenance

Our routine lawn care services include mowing, edging, and fertilizing, ensuring your lawn stays healthy and vibrant. Trust us to keep your grass greener!

Seasonal Lawn Treatments

Season-specific lawn treatments are crucial in Cape Cod’s climate. From spring reseeding to fall aeration, we’ve got your lawn covered throughout the seasons.

Garden Care and Beautification

Garden Design and Plant Selection

Whether you’re dreaming of a flower-filled paradise or a minimalist green space, our experts will help design and plant the perfect garden for your property.

Regular Garden Upkeep

Regular upkeep is key to a thriving garden. Our services include weeding, pruning, mulching, and more to keep your garden beautiful and healthy.


Why Choose Us for Your Lawn and Garden?

Your Partner for All Landscaping Needs


From design to execution, we handle all aspects of landscaping, ensuring a harmonious and stunning outdoor environment.

On Time, Every Time

Experienced & Skilled Team

Commitment to Quality & Reliability

Trusted and Insured

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